DCCH Construction Inc.
"Building with Higher Standards"



DCCH Construction Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes all experience and professional applicants. DCCH does not take walk-ins and applicants must adhere to the hiring process.

First step in the process for hire is to submit your resume. The Department Manager will review your resume and determine if you are eligible for the second step which is to send you a employment application. Based on your application you either be selected for an interview or denied for employment.

The interview process will require a two part interview. First with the Department Head and another with the Vice President of Operations. If approved by the Department Head your background check and drug test will be scheduled. After the results you will scheduled for the final interview.

Upon final approval you will be scheduled your Employee Orientation to complete the hiring process.

Submit your Resume:

DCCH Construction Inc., P.O.Box 10603, Midwest City, OK 73084 or hrdcch@att.net



Employee Benefits

Blue Cross/Blue Shield-Health, Dental and Vision

Vacation, Bereavement and Sick Leave


Payroll Direct Deposit

Professional Development Training

Annual Business Retreat

Annual Two Week Shutdown Period in December

DreamTrips Vacation Club and DreamTrips Vacation Assistance